Boss Denied Workers' Comp Due To The Affordable Health Care Act? Call An Attorney

Getting injured at work is never a great experience but can be even worse if the employer tries to deny that person their rightful workers' compensation payments. This problem may occur if the employer is affected by increases in rates due to the Affordable Health Care Act. Thankfully, a high-quality attorney can help to manage this problem. 

The Affordable Health Care Act May Affect Compensation

Although the Affordable Health Care Act has helped to bring insurance to more people across America, some companies have a hard time affording some of these insurance types. For example, workers compensation costs may go up almost every year, which makes some companies hesitate to award it to their employees. As a result, some may try to deny it as a way of avoiding payment.

They may try to claim that the injured person was hurt outside of work or otherwise hurt in a way not caused by the company. Their denial can come at a hard time for those who are hurt at work but may be appealed. And if it is appealed, it is necessary to talk to a compensation attorney. These experts fully understand how to get a person the workers' compensation that they deserve.

How an Attorney Helps

If a company denies workers' compensation because of the Affordable Health Care Act, they are breaking the law. They cannot deny a person their rightful money just because they don't want to pay it. But proving that they are doing that will require the help of a high-quality attorney and legal professional. These experts can examine a case and do what they can to help a person win it.

For example, they can gather evidence from a person's co-workers to discover if that person did get injured at work. They can then track paperwork that showed the person filed their paperwork properly, showcased their injury, and reported everything according to the rules in their workplace. After this, they can then create a case that shows that the employer cannot deny workers' compensation. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of workers' compensation attorneys available on the market who can help with this type of problem. By working with these professionals, it is possible to get the kind of money a person deserves for getting injured at work. And these experts don't get paid until the case is won, which means they strive to succeed as much as possible. 

For more information, contact a workers compensation attorney in your area.