3 Reasons To Hire A Tourist Car Accident Attorney

Getting into an auto accident in your own town is bad enough, but a vehicular wreck while you're in another city takes the stress and inconvenience related to the incident to a new level. One way to reduce the hassle associated with an out-of-town car accident is to hire an attorney with experience handling tourist car accidents. Keep reading to learn a few reasons to hire a tourist car accident attorney.

1. An Attorney Will Know Local Laws

The laws that pertain to driving and insurance coverage vary slightly depending on the city and state you're driving in. For example, in some states, you must yield the right-of-way in a roundabout to vehicles that exceed a certain length. There are some states that allow you to pass cyclists and bikers in no-passing zones.

As a tourist, it's hard for you to know every single law and regulation that possibly pertains to your accident. However, an attorney who has experience handling accident cases will be well-versed in local laws. They can provide you with representation if you're facing criminal charges, or they can use this legal knowledge to ensure you receive ample compensation for any injuries and property damage related to the accident.

2. You Can Minimize Travel Related to Your Wreck

Even if the area where your accident occurred is within driving distance, it's expensive if you have to make multiple trips due to your accident. The cost of gas and wear and tear on your car quickly add up. You may have to take time off work or make arrangements for your family responsibilities.

An attorney can provide you with representation so that you don't have to attend every single meeting, hearing, or court session related to your accident. They can act as your representative and handle negotiations on your behalf. 

3. Some Insurance Companies are More Likely to Offer a Fair Settlement

Unfortunately, it's common for insurance companies to try to offer lowball settlements to individuals who don't have legal representation. The insurance company may assume that the individual doesn't know the law or their rights, or it might believe that the injured party has little recourse to try to obtain more money.

When dealing with someone who has an attorney, the insurance company knows that the individual is receiving counsel regarding their rights and advice as to what constitutes a fair settlement. This provides the insurance company with an incentive to offer a fair settlement so that the case doesn't go to court. 

Get the help you need after your accident by contacting a law firm like Cok Kinzler PLLP in the area.