What To Know About Pain And Suffering Damages For Auto Accident Injuries

Car accidents can cause a lot of damage. Not only do you have medical bills and damaged property, but there is the mental toll that it takes on you afterward. Some people never quite feel comfortable getting behind the wheel of a car again or go through a long process of recovering from their injury. This is why pain and suffering damages are sometimes awarded after a car accident. Here is what you should know about these damages if you are the victim of an auto accident.

It's Compensation For Emotional Pain

Don't assume that you will automatically be awarded pain and suffering damages after being in an auto accident and winning your case in court. This type of damage is supposed to compensate victims for any emotional pain that they went through as a result of the accident. This is quite different from any physical injury you suffer from because emotional pain is difficult to prove.

Emotional pain can make you feel very scared, depressed, or even develop an anxiety disorder. It can result in not getting a good night's sleep and can stop you from doing certain things after the accident. It will help to have a doctor or therapist diagnose you with one of these mental conditions to help prove your case, but it is not a guarantee that it will help you receive pain and suffering damages.

It's Not Typically Rewarded In Small Accidents

If you had an auto accident that resulted in a minor injury, don't expect to receive pain and suffering damages. It is more common for those damages to be awarded to victims when they have a major accident. If you end up having a full recovery right after the accident happens, only expect to receive compensation for things such as medical bills, lost wages, durable medical goods, and transportation. 

It's Designed For Victims Not At Fault

You may be wondering who is eligible for receiving pain and suffering damages since both drivers of a major accident can easily suffer from pain and suffering. Know that the person that is at fault will not be able to sue you for any pain and suffering damage. Meanwhile, you and any passenger in your vehicle could sue the responsible driver for their own pain and suffering damages if they have a major injury. 

Work with a personal injury lawyer in your area for help navigating pain and suffering damages after your auto accident.