Two Elements That Must Be Present In Your Social Security Disability Application: Severity And Limitations

Social Security Disability is a form of assistance that is available to everyone; however, there is no guarantee that the extension will be afforded to you. Any person who seeks to earn this assistance must go through an extensive approval process that begins with the submission of an application. 

As the first review of your claim, it's important that this record be accurate, but even more important, as detailed as possible. The detail is especially when it comes to the description of the disability and its impact on your life. Learn more about two important elements that should be visible in your application — severity, and limitations.


No condition affects each person the same way. Take depression, for example. There are people with severe cases of depression that suffer from isolation, have a reduced ability to concentrate, and periods of prolonged sadness. There are other people whose depression leads them to engage in risky or dangerous behavior. 

Whatever the case, the application needs to be specific about the degree of severity to which the condition is taking shape. Given this scenario, it would not be enough to simply state that you suffer from a severe case of depression, you must be specific in outlining the severity of the condition. 


Social Security Disability is not awarded simply because a person suffers from a certain condition; it is granted when the condition imposes a limitation on the individual's ability to function normally. Your application must outline these limitations in detail. 

Using the depression example again, the application would need to provide evidence-based claims that show how the individual is unable to work and engage socially because of the condition, or even how their condition prevents them from being able to stay active. Simply stating that the condition infringes on your life without going into detail, is likely to lead to a denied application. 

Not an Easy Process

Successfully completing an application for Social Security Disability is not an easy process. Not only do you have to include the necessary information, but you also have to be mindful of the language you use and the evidence you provide. It's wise to partner with an attorney to assist you with completing this application, as well as, to follow through the claim process with you until the end. 

Contact a Social Security attorney to ensure your application is completed correctly and to ensure you have the support you need for a successful claim process.