Injured While Riding Your Motorcycle? You Likely Have These Legal Questions

While many people are familiar with the laws surrounding auto accidents, things are a bit different when you're riding a motorcycle. Here are some common questions you'll have about the law regarding this type of accident. 

Will An Existing Auto Insurance Policy Cover A Motorcycle Accident?

One thing that you need to understand about a motorcycle accident is that you need to have a specific type of auto insurance for motorcycle coverage. A motorcycle policy will then give you access to having underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage. Not having the right kind of insurance will end up making it difficult to receive compensation.

Why Won't The Other Driver's Auto Insurance Cover The Damage If They Are Responsible?

You'll want to become familiar with the laws in your state regarding motorcycle accidents. Some states require you to carry the proper liability coverage for the vehicle you are driving. Without the basic liability insurance that is required by the law, some states will not allow you to collect pain and suffering damages from a lawsuit. While you will be able to receive compensation for medical bills up to the policy limits, you could be denied the additional compensation you need if you suffered a life altering injury that leaves you unable to return to work. Since this is more likely to happen from a motorcycle accident, having the right kind of insurance is crucial.

Can Safety Laws Alter Your Settlement?

There are some traffic laws that apply only to motorcycles. For example, there are laws about splitting lanes where some states say it is legal and others say that it is not. If you are violating these specific laws about lane splitting at the time of an accident that was not your fault, it could reduce the amount of compensation that you receive from a personal injury case. Even though your injuries would be identical if you were riding in the lane according to the law, the fact that you were breaking a motorcycle law at the time can end up negatively impacting your case. 

Will You Need To Work With A Specific Type Of Lawyer?

Since motorcycle accidents are handled differently than auto accidents, it is important to work with a lawyer that specializes in these types of cases. By being familiar with how the cases are different, the lawyer will be able to do all that they can to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. 

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