Signs You May Need To Hire A Birth Defect Attorney

What is a birth defect attorney? Should you hire one? Birth defect attorneys can be beneficial to you if you believe your child was affected by a birth defect that falls under certain circumstances. If you have a birth defect of your own and you feel you may have a case, you may be able to seek the legal advice of birth defect attorneys in this regard as well.

It's hard to determine whether a birth defect should be involved in a lawsuit. The only way to know is to seek the expertise of birth defect attorneys who understand any birth defect law that may be related to your case. Here are signs you need to hire a birth defect attorney, or at least consult with one for peace of mind.

Your doctor has admitted fault

Has your doctor or the doctor of your child with a birth defect admitted any fault in the birth defect of concern? This can be an admittance of a medication taken during pregnancy that could have caused your child's birth defect — but wasn't revealed to you as a potential danger — a birth defect that could have been prevented, or a birth defect that went undetected throughout pregnancy.

Proving a negligent situation regarding a doctor's care can be difficult, but with the assistance of birth defect attorneys, you can have a better chance at creating a case. If your doctor or the doctor of your child has ever admitted fault for a birth defect or has apologized for the same, then you need to seek legal counsel to see if you have a case.

Your doctor won't give you answers

Is your doctor or the medical facility where you were born or where your child was born being elusive about what happened? Are they not giving you answers about why a birth defect came into play, particularly if the birth defect is not known to be genetic or doesn't run in your family? Have you been given some type of evidence that may prove that the hospital or medical professionals may be at fault for your birth defect issues but they are denying things or trying to hide evidence of fault?

You don't want to leave any birth defect issues to resolve themselves, not when you can possibly have a case to help you pay your medical bills and other fees. If you have a birth defect or a child of yours does and you want legal assistance, birth defect attorneys can help you.