High-Speed Accidents Lead To Expensive Personal Injury Claims

Car accidents at a very high speed, such as ones that are above 90 MPH, can be very among the most dangerous car crashes that occur. If you are traveling at such a high speed, your auto insurance provider may not even cover you for your accident. If the other driver was the one traveling at such a high speed, they will most likely be held responsible unless you were also engaged in a negligent action.

The Effects of Speeding

High-speed driving can confuse other drivers since they might not expect a speeding driver to suddenly be in their blindspots. There is less time to react and a very fast driver cannot slam on the brakes soon enough. Also, the velocity that the car is traveling at affects the extent of the damage done to both vehicles and how injured each party will be.

Negligence While Speeding

To be considered negligent while speeding, the driver will need to be driving over the speed limit. One exception is when the weather conditions are very poor and a reasonable driver would drive more slowly under those conditions.

A driver who is speeding may be issued a traffic ticket and might also be charged with a crime if they are driving in a very reckless manner. Law enforcement may be able to prove that the driver was speeding. You may also need to rely on witnesses who observed the accident, surveillance footage, and the testimony of an accident reconstruction specialist. 

Compensation for Your Injuries

While minor fender-benders might not lead to serious injuries, accidents that occur at a high speed are more likely to lead to expensive medical bills. You might suffer from broken bones, a severe head injury, a back injury, whiplash, and chest injuries. The pain and suffering you experience can be immense. You may find yourself paralyzed and unable to work.

The injuries you suffer will likely lead to expensive medical bills. You may also become paralyzed or suffer from mobility issues and this might affect your ability to work. Because you may have expensive bills and may be unable to work, you are entitled to compensation for your medical bills. Additionally, since speeding is a reckless behavior, you may also be entitled to compensation for punitive damages if you decide to take your case to court. You're also entitled to compensation for pain and suffering even if you simply suffer minor soft tissue injuries. Contact a company, such as Schonberg Law Offices, for more information.