How A Nighttime Accident Case Differs From Daytime Auto Accidents

The most dangerous time to be driving is at night. Visibility is much lower and you are more likely to find yourself in an automotive accident. There are several things that can go wrong, and you'll want to write down everything that occurred so you can relay the information to your auto accident attorney.

Why Driving at Night Is So Dangerous

Many drivers have a hard time seeing at night. For example, some drivers have a problem with depth perception or become color blind. Some drivers also are unable to see due to the glare of headlights. However, even if it is difficult to drive at night, a driver is still responsible for making sure that they are cautious when driving.

There are many ways that a driver can drive more safely at night. The driver can choose to wear nighttime driving glasses. Drivers who cannot see should also drive more slowly and should leave more distance between themselves and other vehicles so they have a greater stopping distance. They should also drive only when necessary and head home as soon as possible.

The Effects of Night Driving

When a driver is not able to see properly, you might be surprised when the driver is driving on the wrong side of the road or drives through a stop sign. When the driver collides with you, your auto accident attorney might have an easier time proving that the driver is at fault for your accident. However, you'll never want to assume this and you'll need to gather evidence.

Late at night, some drivers find it difficult to keep their eyes on the road and avoid accidents. If a driver is found to be asleep behind the wheel, the driver might be charged with a DUI. Not only will this help with your case but proving that the driver was asleep behind the wheel can help protect the public by holding the driver accountable.

How to Prove Drowsy Driving 

Proving drowsy driving can be difficult without the help of a car accident attorney. You may need help from an auto accident deconstructionist who works for the law firm of your attorney. An accident reconstruction specialist will examine the evidence found in the photographs of the wreckage and will give an opinion of whether the driver was intoxicated when the accident occurred. If the driver did not perform any evasive maneuvers, this is a sign that the driver was asleep.

Reach out to a car accident injury attorney in your area to learn more about your case.