Retaining an Auto Accident Attorney to Recover Costs for Vehicle Repairs

When another person causes a wreck that greatly damages your vehicle, it is not right that you should pay for its repairs on your own. In fact, the person who caused the accident bears the legal and financial responsibility to pay those expenses for you.

However, this individual may not hand over their insurance information or purposely deny having coverage in a bid to stop you from making a claim. You can still seek out damages that you are legally entitled to by hiring an auto accident attorney to take your case.

1. Getting the Insurance Information

The auto accident attorney that you hire has the legal reach to find out if the responsible driver has an insurance policy against which you can file a claim. This person may not give the information to you. However, they may be hard-pressed to deny it to your attorney.

Once your auto accident attorney has the insurance information in hand, they can file a claim against the policy on your behalf. Your lawyer can make sure that the insurer pays the bills associated with fixing your vehicle. If the insurer deems your vehicle to be totaled, it may owe you the full appraisal price for it.

2. Filing Suit in Court

If the responsible party denies your lawyer the insurance information needed to file a claim, they can still be brought to justice through a lawsuit. Your auto accident attorney can file a lawsuit that names that person as the respondent in the case and compels them to go to court against you.

The lawsuit can also compel the court to find in your favor and award you damages that the respondent will have to pay immediately. You may win a judgment against their income and assets. This money can be used to pay for vehicle damage repairs.

Finally, an auto accident attorney can negotiate a settlement for you if the respondent wants to avoid going to court. This person or their insurer may offer a lump sum payment to get you to drop the suit and close the case promptly. 

An auto accident attorney can provide critical services to accident victims like you. They can obtain insurance information to file a claim. Your lawyer can also file a lawsuit or accept a settlement for your expenses. Overall, you don't have to handle your case alone. To learn more or get started, contact local legal services.