Product Claim Attorney: Personal Injury And Property Damage

A defective product can cause serious personal injuries and property damage. If you find yourself dealing with the consequences of a defective product, a product claim attorney can help you recover damages and justice.

Here are some of the ways that product claim attorneys help clients get the financial and legal resources needed to recover from serious personal injury and property damage caused by defective products.

Personal Injury

One design flaw in a product can cause a personal injury. Your product claim attorney needs to create a direct causality between the product and your personal injury to recover financial restitution.

  • Maintenance: many companies attempt to evade liability from personal injury caused by their products by casting doubt about the product's maintenance. For instance, if you sustained a personal injury when your lawnmower's weed guard malfunctioned, the manufacturer is likely to questions the state of the lawnmower at the time of the incident. Your product claim attorney will need a detailed history of your ownership and maintenance of the product that caused your personal injury. If you can furnish receipts for the product and show that you serviced the product as directed by the manufacturer, your product claim attorney can substantiate liability.
  • Medical: the other part of personal injuries sustained because of defective products comes down to medical records. When it comes time to recover damages, your product claim attorney will need to present a comprehensive understanding of your personal injuries. This should include the emergency and long-term care needed to recover from your injuries. Your product claim attorney might also schedule formal depositions with your health care providers to validate the severity of your personal injuries.

Property Damage

Defective products can also cause significant property damage. Your product claim attorney can help you recover the damages for the personal property impacted by the defective product.

  • Cause: similar to the aforementioned advice about linking causality to the defective product, your product claim attorney must show that the defective product caused the property damage in question. For instance, if you claim that a defective hose on your washing machine caused significant water damage, your product claim attorney will need to show that the product was maintained and used as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Effect: manufacturers will often dispute the extent of the property damage caused by defective products. Your product claim attorney can help you document the true extent of the property damage. From replacing cherished family heirlooms to hiring contractors to make significant repairs, your product claim attorney can seek the damages you need to recover property damages.

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