3 Strategies For Avoiding A Harsh Judgment For Drunk Driving

Many people get severe punishments after being arrested for drunk driving because they don't have the right or enough information about this offense. That is why you need to consult with a lawyer immediately after being arrested for impaired driving. They can advise you on what to do to avoid facing severe consequences. Your legal advisor will want you to limit your chances of being charged with any other offense became it can worsen your situation. Therefore they will recommend that you take the following measures to prevent a harsh judgment.

Watch What You Say to Investigators

You should not provide any information that could make your situation worse. Therefore, you should avoid responding to police questions such as where you have been or whether you took beer before you started driving. You should also try and remain silent when they ask you whether you are okay to drive. Admitting that you took some intoxicants will prompt the police to undertake tests to determine your driving capability. Besides, talking too much or volunteering a lot of information that the investigators have not asked for can make them more suspicious.

Cooperate With the Law Enforcers

It would be best to cooperate with the police when they stop you because of getting behind the wheel while impaired. You should avoid resisting arrest, abusing, or threatening the arresting officer. Doing so could get you into more trouble because the police may prefer more charges against you. They can request the judge to offer you a severe punishment for delaying investigations and interfering with their duties. Besides, a determination that you were unruly on the scene could get you a harsh sentence because the judge might conclude that intoxication influenced your behavior. On the other hand, being calm, polite, and reasonable is adequate evidence of non-impairment.

Get Contact Information of Witnesses

Witnesses present during your arrest can be very helpful when appearing in court. They can testify on your behalf and explain that you never showed signs of intoxication during your arrest. They might be even more helpful if you were arrested for causing a collision. Witnesses who saw what happened can share useful information indicating how the crash occurred and who was at fault. They can also explain that there was no justification for your arrest because you didn't have an alcohol odor or any other intoxication sign.

The mistakes you make after being arrested for drunk driving can get you a maximum sentence if convicted. Therefore, you want to ensure that you take the right measures by contacting a drunk driving accident attorney immediately after your arrest.