How An Accident Victim Can Sue An Uninsured Driver

Auto accidents are frightening to experience, but the risk of getting into an accident is something that all drivers and their passengers must face because even the safest driver who follows all of the road rules can end up the victim of a negligent driver. Even without any negligence involved, sometimes a vehicle can malfunction and lead to a driver causing a collision. Fortunately, it is possible for victims of auto accidents to file a claim for compensation, but that is only if the other party has insurance coverage. If you are an accident victim who is unable to file a claim due to the other party not having insurance coverage, an auto accident lawyer can help you get paid.

Does the Other Party Deny Causing the Accident?

Have you been in a dispute with the other driver about who caused the accident? What you must know is that even if an accident report doesn't hold you liable for the collision, the other party can refuse to accept responsibility. When an accident report is contested, it often involves a legal process in which the alleged victim in the dispute must prove that the report is accurate. A lawyer can help you prove to the court that the accident report is not only legitimate but that solid evidence can be provided to back it up. For example, a lawyer might find one or more witnesses, review surveillance footage, or gather other evidence to prove that the other party caused the collision.

Were Any Serious Injuries Sustained?

Another helpful service that a lawyer can provide to your case is assistance with getting compensated for serious injuries. A serious injury can take a long time to treat and possibly interfere with the quality of life, which is why compensation is helpful. A lawyer will make sure you are paid for all of the bills that are related to the injury, even bills that you have not received yet but will have to pay in the future. For example, if you have injuries that will require multiple surgeries, a lawyer can include them in the personal injury lawsuit.

Did You Have To Take Any Days Off From Work?

A personal injury lawsuit can include more than the actual injuries that were caused in a collision. A lawyer can also include your lost wages in the lawsuit. For example, if you missed a few days of work or haven't been able to return to work after the collision, you deserve compensation.